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4,429 likes. ‍. One of the most unique drone Instagram accounts around, Reuben Wu of @itsreuben, brings a different perspective than most aerial photographers. As a music producer (co-founder of Ladytron), filmmaker, and photographer, Reuben stays busy with client work from the likes of GE, IBM, and Apple.

The 7 Best Drone Instagram Accounts The Drive

Will from ManAndDrone has put together a detailed video tutorial on how to achieve epic Instagram videos using Adobe Premiere CC. Supporting files for this tutorial are available here. This follows on from the previous video, Best Export Settings for Drone Footage for YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram. Editors Note : Will, the man behind.


This will create a dedicated workspace for your drone footage editing. 3. Import Footage: Look for the "Import" or "Media" option in your editing software's menu. Select this option and navigate to the location of your drone footage files on your computer. Choose the files you want to import and click "Open".

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Then the drone video tips below were created just for you! After you implement these drone video tips into your workflow, you'll capture better looking, higher quality, more engaging, cinematic drone videos. While a DJI Phantom 3 and DJI Phantom 4 were used to compile the information, the tips included below can be applied to all types of.

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Page couldn't load • Instagram. Something went wrong. There's an issue and the page could not be loaded. Reload page. 2.2M posts - Discover photos and videos that include hashtag "dronevideo".

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Install a Filter. To keep the movement in the scene as natural as possible, set the shutter speed at double the frame rate; if you're shooting at 24 fps, your shutter speed should be 1/50 of a.

Instagram Page Drone Tips

DJI Mini 3 Pro - How To Edit & Export High Quality Instagram Reels. In this tutorial I will show you how to edit and export high quality Instagram Reels from.

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Along with Twitter and Facebook, Instagram features prominently in this study as they are three of the most popular platforms for drone-related photos and videos. In addition, Instagram accounts do not need to be verified when creating a profile, so it is also an opportunity for drone-related brands to grow a following without the barrier of.

The 7 Best Drone Instagram Accounts The Drive

On the upload screen, you'll see two tabs at the bottom: "Library" and "Camera.". Choose the "Library" tab to access your smartphone's gallery and locate the edited drone footage you want to upload. Tap on the video to select it. After selecting the video, you'll be taken to the editing screen within the Instagram app.

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If you like drone photography and you're on Instagram, these 10 drone feature accounts on Instagram might be of interest to you. Follow along as I showcase some of the most interesting drone accounts to follow.. As the name suggests, this page focuses on drone photos and videos. Have been laying low this year - last post in May 2023.

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In this video, we'll show you how to edit your drone footage using Premiere Pro and post it on Instagram for maximum impact. We'll cover everything from importing your footage, organizing your clips, and adding music and transitions, to color grading and exporting your video in the correct format for Instagram.

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Since 2019, he has been pushing new boundaries of drone hyperlapsing. His hyperlapses are considered to be some of the most dynamic seen on Instagram. Stills to video. This first short video is actually a collection of stills. A person is shot multiple times in different positions at the same sculpture. Check it out:

The 7 Best Drone Instagram Accounts The Drive

This amazing drone Instagram creator is worth adding to your feed. Scott Simmie | May 27 2021 - 2:54 pm PT. 0 Comments. We popped into IG earlier today and saw a really intriguing video pass by. It had been re-posted by an aggregator/curator account. But it caught our attention enough to go back and find the source - a task that really paid off.

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2. @airpixels: With 168k followers, AirPixels is clearly popular. The reason is pretty clear - these drone shots capture some truly stunning nature photography from across the world, allowing you.

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Make sure you record several minutes of footage for editing purposes. The maximum resolution for video on instagram is currently 1080×1080, we will need to shrink our footage down in order to obtain a 16:9 Widescreen as opposed to square. 4k footage works great here as we have more video to work with and crop as necessary.